About the Book

Find God in everyday Life and situations with 40 short devotionals for everyday spiritual Living. This devotional is great for individual growth or group discussiions with such topic as: Where are you getting your advise, Your Season, Waiting for Direction, and are you in the right lane, Plus other designed to give you encouragement and strengthen your day.




Against the current

In life, the wrong thing to do is often the easiest thing to do. Sometimes our "no" to a situation allow us to opt out of our responsibility to think maybe a "yes" would be appropriate. Sometimes our "yes" in a situation allows us to opt out of our responsibility that "no" would be appropriate.

Once while going through a difficult time in my life I found myself not fully understanding what God was doing or where God was taking me. I fought and fought to make things happen. After struggling with my situation, like a bodybuilder trying to hold up the world, I let go and let God. When I let God truly take over, my peace became more peaceful and my joy became more joyous. I have since witnessed and experienced a better and closer walk with God with a better understanding of my past. Events are not happening to us, but for us.

"Connecting to the Best of God"

A few years after my situation had improved an observer of my external condition, with no understanding of my internal growth, made the comment, "Glad to see you're back on track. For a while you were like a salmon swimming against the current." Although I said nothing I told God it hurt my feelings. God in his wonderful way answered by informing me, "That's the nature of a salmon." What this person was truly saying without realizing it I was following the nature I was given for God's assignment in my life. We are not to spend time trying to get people to understand what God has called us to do or go through.

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